How Google Ads can help your business?

Google Adwords/PPC was launched back in 2000 as ‘Self-Service Advertising Program’ and since the time, it has changed online/internet marketing forever. And not even a decade later, Google was making a over $42 billion in revenue off of its advertising program. Today, AdWords is the biggest and most extensively used online advertising network in the world, and millions of businesses reaching their potential customers and growing their business by taking the advantages of this powerful advertising platform.

If you are unfamiliar with what is Google AdWords, it is Google’s paid advertising system where advertisers bid on specific keywords (depending on their businesses) to appear in Google’s search results and people will notice their business whenever they’re searching very similar to the product or service in Google. They only have to pay whenever someone clicks on the ad and this is known as cost-per-click advertising (CPC).

Highly Measurable and Flexible

While conventional marketing/advertisements like print media newspapers, radio, broadcast television, cable television, brochures, outdoor billboards, Google Adword/PPC is one of the most measurable of online channels. SEO requires a lot of persistence, informative well-written articles, and quality backlinks to show result and still there is no exact measurements. Social media is likewise complicated to measure and a long term process. But AdWords provides tons of PPC metrics to see at a granular level what works for you and what doesn’t, drives more traffic and leads almost instantly. Additionally, Adwords is transparent.

AdWords is also flexible, you can customize things for your campaign to meet your specific set of requirements. For example,

Three different keyword match types (broad, phrase and exact match type) allows you to display your ad for exact or phrase or broad keyword searches. Instead of setting it up to general searches like ‘Hotels’ and ‘Greater Noida’ set it up for exact type [Hotel in Grater Noida] or phrase match type “Hotel in Grater Noida”.

Ad extensions is another useful feature that gives you the ability to display additional information like your product images, contact information, to a pack of links to subpages of your site.

With Adwords, you can narrow down your audience. Discover and restrict your audience by their location, the time of day, their language, and by the browser or types of devices they’re using. This is very helpful for example if you only need Noida or Grater Noida-based leads, and more than half of your traffic comes from whole India, it will be sucha waste. But with AdWords, you can accomplish this task easily.

With Flexible Bid Strategies you can save your time and money. Target Search Page Location or Target Outranking Share could be very helpful for lead gen clients as it will keep them ahead of their competitors; Target Return on Ad Spend could help you stay balanced if you are running a E-commerce website; If you have to stay within a limited budget, Enhanced CPC and Target CPA could help you draw more conversions; all of the above you can manually handle it.

With Google Adwords you can have access to non-search sites such as Gmail, YouTube and many other Google partner sites.

Take leverage the display network that can help you establish brand awareness.

By telling Adword is measurable, means it would exactly tell you what happened with the campaign. Like:
Who clicked on your ad.

How much traffic your website has got from AdWords.

How many leads have been generated.

Which queries generated the most traffic and leads.

How much does it cost you per lead. And accordingly you can tweak to accomplish the optimal results.

Can Control Your Advertising Costs

Controlling your cost is really awesome about AdWords. Set a daily budget for your campaign and increase it depending on how your campaign runs without worrying about if you’re going to go over your defined budget. The worst case scenario your ads impression will decrease as your budget gets lower but you can increase them anytime if you feel your business is doing fine with adwords. This scalability can save your lot of time and help you with better understanding your business when you desire for more leads in shorter period of time.

Break up your campaign into three different target areas – Mobile search, Display network (go for Remarketing and Dynamic Remarketing) and Google search. And if you are launching a new product then consider such facts:

First take a conservative estimation of how many sales are you expecting and take the minimum number of sales you can handle to stay in business.

Now what is your closing rate? For example if you have 100 leads then how many of them will get converted within may be few weeks (it could be anywhere between 2 to 10 percent)

With your estimated sales and closing rate now calculate how many leads you will need to make a sale.

Now calculate your target Cost-Per-Lead (CPL), which is the maximum amount you can spend on every lead while still be in profit. Now multiple the number of leads with the target CPL and now you will get to know how much money you can spend in one month on your PPC account.

And then divide the number by 30 to get you daily budget. You are ready to go.

Therefore, if you want to sell 100 products monthly and your closing rate is 20 percent then you will need 500 leads. If your target cost per lead is $5 then you will have to invest $2500 every month. And your daily budget will be $83 (2500 divided by 30).

More Engaging

Google is constantly improving AdWords as millions of businesses have made it the primary sources of income. Google’s product listing ads and in-video ads on YouTube are very engaging and get more clicks from users. You can reconnect with your visitor with Remarketing or Dynamic remarketing that actually make it more engaging. More engagement means more revenue for Google, as well as advertisers.

Helps Outrank Your Competitors:

I comparison to SEO AdWords works with speed. While you’ll be appearing in search engines from the time you’ve activated your campaign and your site will be receiving more and more clicks from search results, with SEO this is impossible.
According to Moz, 85% of the above space on the results page are the ad placements. It illustrates the fact that how intensively businesses/advertiser are using AdWords to grow. Your competitors are using Adwods and therefore, the only way to beat them is to take help of Adword.

Who can use Google AdWords?

Google Adword is very effective for you if you have a business goal, you shouldn’t start using it just because your friends are doing quite well with it. Find your advertising objective or goal and use it if it really make sense to you.

Think before you even start:

Who is your audience? Are they online?

Use Google’s Keyword Planner to know are the queries or keywords related to your business being searched online? It also depends on what kind of niche you are dealing may think it would not good idea to bid on keywords when the minimum search volume is more than 500 per month. For example if a florist sets a business and goes for targeting a tiny locality that hardly has 500 search volume of his niche, then it might not give him a good business on the other hand a house inspector with the same search volume will thrive.

You should search for your keyword online just to see if Google shows relevant answers.

Experiment yourself using other tools like Adwords keyword planner, WordStream, MOZ, Keyword Tool and others to measure the traffic & bid for your keyword. It will help you to understand things better.

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